Summer's Dark waters

Summer's Dark Waters

First novel aimed at teens / young adults

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When Joe sees a ghostly apparition at school, and then imagines the reflection in his mirror isn't his own, he begins to fear for his sanity.

Then he hears the voices. Then comes the dreams.

Soon Joe and his best friend Amber are drawn into a series of incredible events and discover hidden truths not only about themselves but about the world itself.

The reality they know will be shattered forever- and their lives will never be the same again.

"I have many secrets. Some of them I'll never speak of. They're mine, and they mean nothing to anyone else. But I still have a heart that beats. I can still laugh and cry- not that I laugh very much here as you can imagine- and every now and then I even feel a faint hope in my heart. It leaps at me from out of the dark."


“Simon Williams' tale of two special children who are in danger of moving into a parallel negative realm is a page turner of a different sort.”

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“This beguiling protagonist sets the tone of intrigue and suspense beautifully, and the switch in dialogue from reality to his inner thoughts & world- I found to be a perfect craftwork of intelligent YA.”

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“Summer's Dark Waters is one of very few books that speaks to modern mobile-phone-toting children, both young and old, to re-awaken that sense of wonder that so many of us today seem to have lost.. Set to become that rarest of books, an enchanting classic that appeals to chldren of all ages.”

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