The Endless Shore is the third book in the Aona dark fantasy series.

The marandaal spread throughout Aphenhast, and in the bitterly divided land of Harn a small group of men and women seek to bring the unity without which the entire world will perish.

Nia, former spy and assassin for the Watchers, flees north, carrying with her a terrible secret about the Watchers themselves.

In Mirkwall, Ilumor presides over the kin and prepares to fight the marandaal. But some other power has been stirred within the Mirk; something not even his masters the choragh know about.

And in Luudhoq, Yui and her companions must avoid capture by the immortal Seven at all costs...

“Simon Williams is a great storyteller and his writing style is fluid, descriptive and elegant, it flows effortlessly making his books a pleasure to read. Highly recommended!”

“The way the story is unravelled gives the perfect amount of suspense and excitement, as well as gripping you with some darker scenes.”

“What I like most about this epic tale is the attention to detail, that of the world of Aona, the depth of each character and how thoughts and feelings add to the realism of this beautifully told story.”

“A top quality fantasy series... the writing style is elaborate and dramatic and this helps create a magical and immersive feel, totally inkeeping with the fantasy world.”