Embers Drift, the new standalone dark fantasy / sci-fi work by Simon Williams, will be released on February 20th 2020.

Embers Drift

The back cover blurb will be agreed soon but in the meantime...


Defined by order and logic, she is gifted in the cold sciences, a mathematician and engineer- a standard bearer of reason and sense. But her carefully controlled life is about to fall into chaos.


Highest servant of the all-powerful Mothers, he is both judge and executioner, delighting in the desecration and torture of his victims. Yet the Mothers have plans for him- plans that involve changing him from the inside out.


A homeless wanderer, a bundle of curiosity and resentment, a witness to inexplicable events. But her strengthening powers may yet be her undoing.


Dedicated to tracking down the worst of the Citadel’s felons, he shuns other people even as he sifts through their darkness. A new assignment is about to send him hurtling into a nightmare which will force him to question not only his sanity but even his existence.