Secret Roads is the second book in the Aona dark fantasy series.

A Gate has opened. The marandaal have reached out into Aona, and the great powers of the world awaken.

Caught between the destroying light of the marandaal and the malign influence of the choragh, ancient masters of Aona, are the men and women who will shape the destiny of this world- wielders of the Old Powers, and their protectors.

Secret Roads continues the chronicle of malevolent forces and violent upheaval that began with Oblivion's Forge.

“Really, really liked this- I enjoyed Oblivion's Forge a lot but this sequel is even better-rounded, the story is tight and focused and it has that same dark, gritty style- what does it for me is that we learn a lot more about the characters, even some who I thought would only play minor or bit parts. Without giving anything away, Secret Roads really does take the story onwards a notch or two and it's gripping stuff.”

“Complex, deep characters who you can really care about... the story continues at a pace, with surprising plot twists and storylines that go in new and fascinating directions. All of this is underpinned once again by a dark, brooding feel that makes the book really atmospheric.”

“Secret Roads continues the battle of evil against evil, following the struggles of the people caught in the middle. It creates new plot turns and twists that keep you wanting to read on. When I finally got the time to sit down and read, my eyes didn't leave the pages for hours... if you liked Oblivion's Forge then you'll love Secret Roads.”

“It's rare to find a novel where every character is likeable in some way. They're all flawed and believable, but there wasn't one character who seemed unrealistic or without redeeming qualities.”

“The author’s eloquent writing style and bold word choice captures you from the beginning. He drops you into a bleak landscape populated by diverse races all facing harsh circumstances and difficult choices—that become more harsh and difficult as the story progresses. This is a hard book to put down. Secret Roads is unapologetic adult fantasy and I loved it. The intricacy of the plot and the wide cast of characters, with many shifts in POV, makes you pay attention to every detail. You can't skim this one, and never once did I want to. The tale is far too expertly crafted to miss a single line. The pages are full of such tragedy and loss, but the words flow so beautifully.”