Below are links to my various blog articles, listed in order of date (most recent first). Some are updates about book releases, others are articles or opinion pieces on writing, character development, genres or whatever else takes my fancy. If you like them, feel free to share them. Just include the link back to the article. Thanks awfully.

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Regrets?... and Strange Paths (July 2021)

The Poison That Is Social Media (May 2021)

Embers Drift - Now Out! (May 2020)

We All Need Plans... (January 2019)

Spinning Plates in the Dark (October 2018)

The Sands of Time (April 2018)

The Inner World (March 2017)

Disintegration (September 2016)

Standing Alone (August 2016)

Review of Boneland by Alan Garner (May 2015)

Apparently I'm one of the Brothers Grim (January 2014)