The Spiral Heart is the fourth book in the Aona dark fantasy series.

As the marandaal draw ever closer to Harn, Inerdyr is intent on crushing the renegade Watchers and mercenaries who have banded together in the name of a unified resistance to the starspawn.

In Luudhoq, the Seven fight and plot as cracks appear in their ancient empire.

Ilumor prepares to lead the defence of Mirkwall against the marandaal, but an unexpected fate awaits him.

And those few who walk the Green Road find that something terrible lurks within the very heart of the world…

“This is a world where someone is pitied for "her wide eyed innocence, gentle heart and generous nature." It is a grim world where the humanoid races face terrible choices, slavery, annihilation or an apparently futile struggle against dark forces who fortunately are as opposed to each other as they are to the Younger Races.”

“The story is wonderfully detailed with a cast of complex, intriguing and interesting characters - both good and bad... if you enjoy an intelligent mystery of epic proportions, this series is for you.”

“The Spiral Heart straddles genres comfortably because essentially it's a story of conflict, misery and struggle, and it somehow conjures such strong feelings of fear and hope in the reader that it manages to transcend the limitations of any genre regardless.”