Salvation's Door is the fifth and final book in the Aona dark fantasy series.

The known Existence is likely dead and dark, every world turned cold and lifeless by the remorseless marandaal. Only Aona remains- a precious world that represents the only light and hope left.

Yet Aona is dying, and the disease spreads not only from out of the Gates, fathomless portals linking the physical world to the void, but also from Aona’s true heart, the mysterious Green Road.

Now the final battle will be fought, a monumental struggle for life itself.

“Excellent finish to this dark fantasy series. Simon Williams created a gritty, intense world and characters to match.”

“Salvation's Door is a gripping finale to the Aona saga and keeps up the excellent and increasing quality of the previous books in the series. Character-driven and intense, and as you might expect if you've read any of the Aona books, there's a neat if dark twist to the ending. Loved it.”