Simon Williams is a British author of dark fantasy, science fiction and horror.

In some ways he's very British indeed. He drinks copious amounts of tea (and Coke), moans constantly about the weather all autumn and winter, and in keeping with American caricatures of British people, he either has a Cockney accent or he sounds incredibly posh.

Works include the Aona dark fantasy series, YA fantasy / sci-fi adventure Summer's Dark Waters, and Disintegration, a collection of nine short stories.

There are five books in the Aona series, each with a mysterious symbol- no one has yet figured out the mathematical puzzle to which they relate, which is just as well as it could quickly render reality itself a redundant dimension- the universe nothing more than a sketch on someone's paper which is folded and put away into darkness- a pocket of the Gods, if you will- or indeed if you won't).

The venerable Mr Williams wishes he was prolific, but he all too often writes at the same pace he runs. Happily, he doesn't make quite the same unseemly grunting and panting whilst at his woodworm-ridden old desk.

His latest completed work is The Light From Far Below (which is the sequel to Summer's Dark Waters), released on 30th April 2018.

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