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A hotted pisstory

Ooh... where to start? With a particularly childish Spoonerism, clearly. Let's do this in the third person. Somehow the third person feels less stilted and embarrassing. You may beg to differ by the time you reach the bottom of this page.

Simon always wanted to be a writer, and didn't ever feel like doing much else, a fact which in time became quite clear through his school reports. As soon as he picked up his first writing pen, his parents breathed a heartfelt sigh of relief (yes, I know. Two people but just one sigh. Go figure...). "At least he's given up scribbling on the wall with crayons" they declared. That wasn't strictly true, but moving on...

So he spent much of his childhood writing. Major influences during these years included such luminaries as C S Lewis, Susan Cooper, and the incomparable Alan Garner, whose masterpieces of Celtic fantasy had a profound effect.

Nevertheless, Simon was still obsessed with sci-fi at this point, and wrote his first novel at the age of thirteen. It was a cheesefest- an utter cheesefest. Within a couple of years he had embarked on a (very) traditional fantasy trilogy which still occasionally provides a degree of mirth.

During the 90s he wrote a number of experimental novels, and an entire scribblefest of short stories. Most of these defied genre definitions. Some also defied belief. A number of them were published in various small-circulation magazines.

Inspired by the fact that several thousand people were actually reading (even enjoying) his stories, the intrepid Mr Williams promptly stopped writing them. He turned again to writing fantasy.

A combination of steadily advancing age and rapidly advancing laziness meant that it took a long time to really get going with the Aona books. But at long last, creativity is flowing ("creative juices" sounds a tad biological somehow), the first book is published and he's positively jogging along with the second. It's a truffle shuffle with real intent. All of which proves it's better to be neither the hare nor the tortoise.


Oblivion's Forge has been published and is now available here

You can follow my latest witterings about the Aona books at which is a diary / scribble pad for updates about progress in that area.

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