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Could You Retire From Writing?

For many authors, myself included, the act of writing and creating via the written word is a calling more than an occupation, something that we would do to some degree regardless of relative lack of monetary gains.

When a Manuscript was a Manuscript

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a manuscript was, in all regards, a manuscript. A pile of paper marked with ink.

The Rarity of Perspective

One point of debate that I've become involved in from time to time is the subject matter of fantasy literature, specifically about just how "fantastic" the events that make it up really are.

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    The Inner World
    Mar 12, 2017

    As progress continues on my new standalone novel (which, in stark contrast to the Aona series, features a cast of just three main characters) I've found that the situation in the wider world and humanity's endless, determined race to the bottom have meant I've concentrated more than ever on my inner world.

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    New freebie coming soon, from the forthcoming short story compilation. Watch this space! Not all the time though, as that would be boring.