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Picture a distant world, probably in the distant future, where most technology is no longer even a memory. A world which for a number of reasons is like no other. A world where two great powers will struggle for control. One of them has crossed great swathes of the known Existence to find this world, the other has controlled, nurtured and dominated it in one form or another since the dawn of known time.

Thus two opposing, universal forces are preparing to destroy each other. One is an implacable, faceless destroyer of worlds- the other is the ancient master of all the races that live on this world- Aona.

Caught in the midst of all this are the races of this world, human and non-human. Both supreme powers, in the simple terms of the Younger Races, are evil beyond comprehension.

The story of Aona is not a fable of good versus evil. It's a tale of incomprehensible forces, survival, corruption, greed, betrayal, and above all else, the gradual realisation amongst the main characters that this war is not simply a struggle for one world but something far, far greater.

Oblivion's Forge  Secret Roads  The Endless Shore  The Spiral Heart

The Aona series (named after the world in which the books are set) is a set of dark fantasy books, of which I expect there will eventually be five. The final book should hopefully be complete late in 2016.

Let's cut to the chase. If you like most or even some of the following, then you may well like the Aona series.

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The Inner World
Mar 12, 2017

As progress continues on my new standalone novel (which, in stark contrast to the Aona series, features a cast of just three main characters) I've found that the situation in the wider world and humanity's endless, determined race to the bottom have meant I've concentrated more than ever on my inner world.

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New freebie coming soon, from the forthcoming short story compilation. Watch this space! Not all the time though, as that would be boring.